Sample Questions

Here are some sample questions whose answers are sought by my clients

- How large is the market for supplemental test prep & coaching in India?
- What are the basic requirements for most online/digital coaching resources? (Household income bracket, tech savvy, etc) 
- What is the typical household spend on test prep & coaching in India?
- What are the key decision criteria for parents selecting a specific coaching option?
- What is the current online / offline split of the market, vs. 5 years ago, vs. in 5 years time? 
- Do students generally use online test prep / coaching in addition to offline, or instead? 
- What factors make parents think about the switch to an online/digital solution?
- Do students generally use these solutions for test prep? Or more general coaching?
- How does the addressable market break down in terms of medium of language?
- Who are the main players in the Indian Ed Tech (K-12 segment)? What kind of strategies are they pursuing?
- How important is brand in terms of purchasing decision of e-learning products?
- Is there anything unique that the Ed Tech companies are doing in India? Is it easy or difficult to mimic them by new players in the market?
- Do the Indian Ed Tech companies follow ethical practices when it comes to plagiarism?
- Is the EMI financing option for purchasing subscriptions good or bad?
- Why have major players not been able to scale up to reach rural areas by reducing subscription prices?
- Are there significant learning gains from educational apps in India?
- Has any Ed Tech company in India used artificial intelligence to provide insights and corrective steps for students?
- What kind of work force is being hired by these Ed Tech companies?
- How is the work environment in the major Ed Tech companies of India?


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